Prayer diary: Day 6 of Lent

Prayer l

Pray for Christ Citadel International Church in Nottingham, and its plans to address a range of issues of deprivation through its Parish Nurse Project. This project will provide pastoral care, advice on health, reassurance, education, support groups, weekly healing services and fellowship, to support deprived groups and bring them into contact with health services. It will be led by a pastor in the church who is a registered nurse, as well as volunteers from the church and other churches who are registered nurses.

Pray also for George Gabriel, a community organiser with Citizens UK, who is working to set up a community organising alliance in the city.  The Contextual Theology Centre was involved in a recent study event for Christian leaders in Nottingham, on the theology and practice of organising.  The Centre has just launched a four-week course on Christianity and community organising, with Bible study and practical exercises for interested congregations.

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