Building on the Foundations of Community Power

Marzena Cichon-Balcerowicz and David Barclay, Civic Power Fund blog, June 2024

Beyond Activism: Building Broad-based Alliances to Tackle the Climate Crisis

Angus Ritchie, College of the Holy Cross, February 2023

Contending Populisms: Pope Francis’s Response to the Politics of Division

Angus Ritchie, Contending Modernities blog, May 2021

Pope Francis has criticised both the left and right’s politics. Community organizing offers a third way

Angus Ritchie and Vincent Rougeau, America magazine, February 2021

Renewing American Democracy? We need more, not less, populism

Miriam Brittenden, LSE Religion & Global Society blog, January 2021

Recognising the Treasure in our Midst

Angus Ritchie, Church Urban Fund theology blog, December 2020

In the Footsteps of the People’s Pope

Angus Ritchie, The Tablet, December 2020

Social action, social justice and community organising

Charnelle Barclay, Christians on the Left blog, December 2020

Pope Francis confronts the Covid storm

Angus Ritchie, Church Times, December 2020

Learning to find my voice: My reflections on George Floyd’s death

Charnelle Barclay, Bishop of London’s blog, June 2020

The dangers of a new pandemic of loneliness caused by social distancing 

Angus Ritchie and Jennifer Lau, The Tablet blog, April 2020

Spiritual support in the pandemic

Angus Ritchie, Church Times, March 2020

We need counter-cultural politics 

Angus Ritchie, Church Times, October 2019

Small-scale campaigns reweave the bonds of trust between different communities 

Angus Ritchie, The Guardian, September 2019

Learning by doing: An organising summer school

Joy Faulkner-Mpheo, Iron Rule Blog, August 2019

We need inclusive, not fake, populism

Angus Ritchie, Church Times, June 2019

Antisemitism: The Jewish community is speaking. Will they be heard?

Angus Ritchie, Theos Team Blog, February 2019

The Living Wage: The £800m success story for the Church

Angus Ritchie, Theos Team Blog, November 2018

Eight decades after the Battle of Cable Street, east London is still united

Angus Ritchie, Guardian, February 2018

Church Growth is not just for Evangelicals

Tim Thorlby, Church Times, December 2017

Where is the Church? The Responsibility of Christians in the UK General Election

Angus Ritchie, ABC Religion & Ethics, May 2017

Open up the doors and let the people come in

Tim Thorlby, Church Times, February 2017

Church growth is mainly about attitude

Angus Ritchie, Church Times, September 2016

After Brexit? The Referendum and Its Discontents

Rowan Williams, John Milbank, Angus Ritchie et al, ABC Religion, June 2016

Resurrection: The story of new life through church planting

Tim Thorlby, Christian Today, March 2016

Sunday trading and Sabbath: why it’s time to resist the endless commodification of our lives

Andy Walton, Christian Today, March 2016

London’s 21st Century Working Poor

Tim Thorlby, Capital Mass, February 2016

Christianity in British Public Life: The Challenge of Pluralism and the Limits of Secularity

Angus Ritchie, ABC Religion & Ethics, December 2015

Don’t be suspicious of faith-based charities – let us speak truth to power

Angus Ritchie, The Guardian, December 2015

Saying no to ‘secularist nirvana’

Angus Ritchie, Premier Christianity Blog, December 2015

Living with difference in a changing society

Angus Ritchie, Theos Team Blog, December 2015

Christendom is over – but the Church is renewing

Angus Ritchie, Christian Today, December 2015

The Living Wage: A Christian idea that’s changing the world

Andy Walton, Christian Today, October 2015

Public sector employers should pay all their staff the real living wage

Angus Ritchie, The Guardian, October 2015

No, they aren’t cockroaches: How the Church can change the migrant debate

Angus Ritchie, Christian Today, September 2015

Why Labour Needs to Learn to Love its Enemies

David Barclay, Theos Team Blog, August 2015

Spin or Substance? The Chancellor and the Living Wage

Angus Ritchie, Huffington Post, July 2015

The ‘national living wage’ will simply not be enough to live on – words do not mean whatever we want them to

Angus Ritchie, The Independent, July 2015

Britain’s housing crisis: Why the Church needs to join in the fight

Angus Ritchie, Christian Today, July 2015

The Apologist: Why Humanists should be Christians

Angus Ritchie, Premier Christianity Magazine, June 2015

People of Power: Churches, Community Organising & the General Election

Angus Ritchie, St Paul’s Institute Blog, April 2015

Community Finance: Capping the cost of credit is a job half done – here’s how to finish it

David Barclay, Respublica Blog, April 2015

Holy hypocrites: Why the Church shouldn’t shut up about the Living Wage, whatever The Sun says

Angus Ritchie, Christian Today, February 2015

What do the Bishops Know about Politics? More than you’d think…

Angus Ritchie, Huffington Post, February 2015

Humanism belongs to believers

Angus Ritchie and Nick Spencer, The Tablet, December 2014

Siblings divided by a common language

Angus Ritchie and Nick Spencer, Church Times, December 2014

Jesus knew it was fantasy to hope in a political leader

Angus Ritchie, Christian Today, May 2014

“Rev” should provoke us to think as well as laugh

Angus Ritchie, Fulcrum, April 2014

The Just Money campaign

Selina Stone and Tom Chigbo, Public Spirit Blog, March 2014

Challenging unjust lending through Social Enterprise

Phillip Krinks, Public Spirit Blog, March 2014

The Meaning of Love

Angus Ritchie, Just Love blog, February 2014

Music reaches the parts other activities don’t

Angus Ritchie, Church Times, December 2013

Capping the cost of credit is a job half done. Here’s how to finish it.

Philip Krinks, Conservative Home, December 2013

Exploitative finance: the next steps

Angus Ritchie, Church Times, December 2013

Acting together for economic justice

Angus Ritchie & Muhammad Abdul Bari, Huffington Post UK, November 2013

Our ‘holy alliance’ should claim victory over payday lending cap

David Barclay,, November 2013

Why we need to be open to faith if we want to make multiculturalism work

David Barclay, Public Spirit blog, October 2013

Promoting Good Investment through the Church

Angus Ritchie, Respublica Blog, August 2013

‘Both-And’ Christianity

Angus Ritchie, Theos Blog, July 2013

The church offers a holistic solution to child poverty

John Milbank, Guardian Online, July 2013

Don’t just mean well: be effective

Angus Ritchie, Church Times, July 2013

Canada provides a shining example of how to regulate payday lenders

David Barclay, Left Foot Forward, July 2013

Journeying out together for the Common Good

Angus Ritchie, Together For The Common Good, July 2013

Making multiculturalism work

David Barclay, Prospect Magazine, June 2013

Not fit for the shirt: Why Bolton Wanderers should shun Quick Quid as a sponsor

Andy Walton, The Independent, June 2013

Undergraduate’s research helps churches minister to their communities

Austin Tiffany, Research Tracks, April 2013

Why the Church and the World so need silence

Angus Ritchie, Church Times, Feb 2013

New Atheists in decline

Angus Ritchie, Church Times, January 2013

Building a Fairer Money System

David Barclay and Tim Bissett, Church Times, December 2012

The Church of England’s rollercoaster week

Angus Ritchie, Fulcrum blog, November 2012

The New Archbishop: A church for the whole nation

Angus Ritchie, ResPublica blog, November 2012

Nothing wrong with blowing a trumpet

Angus Ritchie, Church Times, November 2012

Trust the locals, not the contractors

Angus Ritchie, Church Times, April 2012

Social justice activists must choose their battles with care

Angus Ritchie, Guardian online, February 2012

Welfare into work: a theological perspective

Angus Ritchie, Christianity magazine, January 2012

Engaging with the Occupiers

Angus Ritchie, Church of England Newspaper, December 2011

An Advent call to act on the debate about money

Angus Ritchie, Church Times, November 2011

The Church and the Camp

Angus Ritchie, ResPublica blog, November 2011

Time for a Political Earthquake

Angus Ritchie, Guardian Online, November 2009

Why we need Institutional Religion

Angus Ritchie, THEOS Current Debate, April 2008


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