Populism and the politics of Jesus

Angus Ritchie’s 2019 Micah Lecture at Liverpool Cathedral, June 2019

The blessing of peace and the gift of power

Richard Springer’s sermon at St George-in-the-East, May 2019

Populism and the practice of Jesus

Angus Ritchie’s sermon for the Mayors of London at St Paul’s Cathedral, London, November 2018

We can believe in Jesus and Nehemiah

David Barclay, Jesus College, Cambridge, February 2016

Seeing like the saints

Simon Cuff’s 2015 Jellicoe Sermon at Magdalen College, Oxford

“Just Church” Sermon series at St Peter’s Bethnal Green

19 January 2014: Adam Atkinson – “Grace and peace” 

26 January 2014: Caitlin Burbridge – “Scripture and Story”

9 February 2014: David Barclay – “Heaven and Earth”

16 February 2014: Andy Walton – “Choice and the Cross”

23 February 2014: Angus Ritchie and Adam Atkinson – “Show and Tell”

Echoing Mary’s “yes” to God

Angus Ritchie, Sermon for Candlemas at Westminster Abbey, 2 February 2014

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin on “Global migration and the building of a common life”

Keynote lecture at our Contending Modernities conference on 14 October 2013

What’s Theology got to do with Children’s Welfare?

Angus Ritchie, Edward Rudolph Lecture, Children’s Society, September 2013

Maurice Glasman and John Milbank: How Faith can Restore Community

University Church, Oxford on 22 June 2011

Bishop Douglas I Miles: Seeking the Welfare of the City

Keynote address at CTC Conference with St Mellitus and King’s Colleges at Holy Trinity Brompton on 25 November 2010

John Milbank on the Credit Crunch

From a CTC Study Day with St Mellitus and King’s Colleges (introduced by Graham Tomlin) on 12 December 2009

Rowan Williams on Christian witness in a multi faith society

Keynote address at a CTC study day on 1 June 2009. Read more about the Archbishop’s address here.


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