Our School of Congregational Development harnesses the potential of community organising, when rooted in theological reflection and prayer, to strengthen and renew inner-city churches.

Our vision is to see more churches adopting the practices through community organising, and to see churches draw out the benefits of these practices into more areas of church life. We have identified seven hallmarks of an ‘organised church’ – and we are helping to develop congregations in a growing range of denominations and contexts which are harnessing the potential of organising for growth in number, depth and impact.


The School works with churches in a wide range of congregations, and is also developing specific partnerships with different denominations, including

– a Church of England programme focused on Harnessing the Potential of Organising for Church Growth,

– the William Seymour Project focused on Pentecostal congregations

– the Cardinal Manning Programme focused on Roman Catholic congregations




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