The Centre for Theology & Community is an independent, ecumenical Christian charity which relies entirely on donations and grants. Please join us in equipping local churches to engage their local communities through mercy, justice and sharing the faith.

It is now possible to give to CTC through Stewardship, if that is how you manage your giving.

Make a single donation

You can also make a one-off donation of any amount through our easy and secure CAF Donate facility. Donations can be gift-aided. Every contribution helps.

You can make a one-off donation by simply clicking here to access our secure donation facility.

The Buxton 180 Club

The Buxton Leadership Programme is revitalising Christian engagement in politics by giving talented young leaders a unique combination of experience in Parliament alongside church-based community organising. The Programme is named after Thomas Fowell Buxton, a key leader in the Abolition Movement which reshaped British politics and changed the world by imaginatively combining action in civil society with focused energy inside Parliament. The Buxton Leadership Programme is equipping a new generation to do the same.

The Programme was established exactly 180 years after Buxton’s motion in Parliament finally freed the over 800,000 slaves in the British Empire. To celebrate this, and to put the Programme on a sustainable footing for the future, we have created the Buxton 180 club for people who would like to contribute £180 a year (£15 a month) towards the costs of running the programme.

To join the Buxton 180 Club simply click here and choose a regular donation of £15. Or if you’d prefer you can give a single donation of £180 and we will get in touch each year to invite you to renew.

If you would like further information on any of these schemes, or would prefer to make a donation by post, please email us at

Thank you!


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