About Us

We equip churches to transform their communities – through the practices of community organising, theological reflection and prayer. We also help them to use their resources more effectively for this mission. 

Values and ethos

CTC grew out of the work churches in London Citizens were already doing, and out of their desire to root this work more deeply in prayer and theological reflection. The questions we address therefore emerge directly from the practice of local communities, and their desire to be more faithful and more effective in mission.

As our organisation has grown in size and reach, this accountability to local contexts remains absolutely central. It is one of six core values which guide our work. Click on the image below to see our six core values.


We seek to achieve CTC’s vision by:

1. Developing congregations and leaders in deprived and diverse contexts through the practices of community organising, rooted in prayer and theological reflection

2. Developing a range of innovative projects which usethe practices of community organising to equip churches to transform their neighbourhoods, and which help churches use their resources more effectively for this mission

3. Undertaking research that will support the Church in its mission and share the lessons through publications, networking and training

Through these three activities, we also seek to promote strategic change within the Church and other national institutions to enable them to be more effective in supporting local churches with their mission, and so that the needs and perspectives of inner-city congregations are heard more clearly when policy is made. Until 2013 we were known as The Contextual Theology Centre. We changed our name to better describe our mission and aims.


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