Prayer diary: Day 7 of Lent

Prayer l

Please pray for St Mary’s Church, Battersea – whom the Church Urban Fund is supporting in a community-led response to last summer’s riots. St Mary’s is a member of London Citizens, and has launched a 6 month Community Listening Campaign. There are 8 institutions already involved, from which the listening campaign will be rolled out -listening to young people and adults across the borough. In May 2012, the results and proposed solutions will be presented. There will also be a Youth Leadership Programme, where young people from different congregations will be build relationships with others who are different to them.

The Contextual Theology Centre has also been working with London Citizens on a wider Citizens Inquiry into the riots.  This included an intensive process of listening in Tottenham, where the London riots began.  The community-led inquiry has now reported, and is taking concrete action to rebuild relationships and tackle the root causes of the violence.  Pray for this work, and for work CTC is doing on a London-wide report.


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