Brexit: How can we reflect and respond?

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CTC logo markAfter the UK voted to leave the EU on Thursday, we have gathered together some of the responses to help reflection and response…

CTC’s Director Angus Ritchie was part of a panel of theologians asked by ABC Religion to respond to the result. His thoughts were published along with the likes of former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, and Professor John Milbank.

Angus says, “The challenge for Christians (however we voted in the referendum) is to listen to their genuine and justified grievances, and to help them organise for justice – making common cause with the migrant communities which the worst of the Leave campaign encouraged them to scapegoat. None of this can be accomplished by pontificating from afar. It requires a patient engagement; listening and building relationships. Such patience was of course the practice of Jesus himself – not lecturing the people of his own day from afar on the need to welcome Samaritans, but living and working in Nazareth for thirty years before living out that costly hospitality.”

Read more here.


CTC’s Communications Officer Andy Walton wrote for Christian Today on the three ways Christians can respond to the result.

Andy says, “Churches are places where young and old come together. Places where, at their best, racial division, class division and gender division are almost null and void. Of course not every church lives up to it, but this prophetic witness to overcoming difference and celebrating diversity is one of our great strengths. What we must do now more than ever is harness that special quality and organise for change. The Church in recent years has been at the forefront of campaigns for the Living Wage, to welcome refugees and to cancel developing world debt. Now is the time for us to organise for change again.”

Read more here.

There have been other excellent contributions from Anna Rowlands here, the Archbishops of Canterbury and York here, Professor Luke Bretherton here and the Bishop of London, here.

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