Prayer Diary: Day 33 of Lent

Prayer l

We have already blogged about Urgent Patience – an essay on Christian spirituality and social action, which has been issued as part of the Call to Change by the Contextual Theology Centre and Church Urban Fund. 

The introduction to Urgent Patience is worth quoting:

We love because God first loved us (1 John 4.19). Every Communion service, whatever its name, reminds us of this central fact of Christian life. We can only feed because we have been fed; we are sent out in the power of the Spirit because have first been called together as Christ’s Body. Christian action flows from gratitude rather than from obligation or from guilt. ‘Deep calls unto deep’ (Ps 42.7). The love poured out for us in Christ calls forth a grace-filled echo in our hearts.

Pray especially for this afternoon’s event on Receiving and Becoming the Body of Christ which the Contextual Theology Centre is holding in Bethnal Green.  Pray that this time of adoration and reflection intercession may build up all who participate – and be a blessing to them in their work for God’s Kingdom.

Pray for those involved in the Church Urban Fund, the Contextual Theology Centre and their many partner churches and projects – that this work would be grounded in gratitude and nourished by prayer and worship.


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