Prayer diary: Day 32 of Lent

Prayer l

In our prayers this week, we focus on Near Neighbours – a programme co-ordinated by the Church Urban Fund and the Church of England to build relationships across faiths and cultures.

Last November, the Hindu Christian Forum was launched by Archbishop Rowan Williams and Sri Shruti Dharma Das Ji.  It is one of the partners in Near Neighbours, and is holding a series of workshops and events to help Christians and Hindus work together at local level.  One such event was held in east London last month, and very well received.

Pray for this ongoing work across the Near Neighbours localities – and in particular for the work being done by the Contextual Theology Centre to deepen relationships between one of our largest Roman Catholic churches (SS Stephen & Nicholas, Manor Park – whose parish priest, Fr Sean Connolly, is our Assistant Director) and the local Hindu community.


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