Prayer diary: Day 11 of Lent

Prayer l
Please pray for those selected yesterday to serve as summer interns in the Jellicoe Community – the Contextual Theology Centre’s placement programme to support churches in east London engaged in community organising with Citizens UK.  They work across a wide range of churches – from Roman Catholic to Pentecostal – developing congregational involvement in campaigns for the Living Wage, affordable housing and safer streets.  They also root this work, for themselves and their placement churches, in Cristian teaching and prayer.

Pray also for Hope Debt Advice – an interdenominational charity that aims to create a debt ‘service’ that can be offered to small local churches, rather than being located at just one church. This means it will make it easier to provide a debt advice service in particularly rural areas with small local churches. At each local centre (or church), Christian volunteers will provide the support, and a team of volunteers will accompany the debt advisor on visits to clients’ homes. It is part of the umbrella organisation, Community Money Advice, and is supported by the Church Urban Fund.


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