Prayer diary: Day 10 of Lent

Prayer l
Please pray for Highway Neighbours – a project of the Contextual Theology Centre with churches in Shadwell, east London   which seeks to use the Olympics as an opportunity to engage communities in meaningful relationship. Working in partnership with other faith communities in Shadwell and Wapping, Highway Neighbours seeks to help vulnerable local people during the Olympics. Having identified the following potential challenges; road closures, termination of bus routes, increased traffic, closure of crossings, challenges reaching local mosques for prayer during Ramadan, and a decrease in deliveries, the churches in this area are planning to draw the community together by replacing local practical services which will be withdrawn between July and September.

Pray also for St Luke’s CARES – a community charity in Leeds which the Church Urban Fund is assisting to open a shop, offering retail experience opportunities to a range of ages. NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training) young people will be able to do work placements and older people volunteering opportunities. Products will be cheap and affordable for the a locality where there are high levels of poverty.  Surplusses will be reinvested into the local community.

Pray also for High


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