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Laura MacFarlane and Zoe Mathias blog on an exciting weekend coming of vocational discernment which is coming up next month…

God is calling each one of us. Yet in our busy world it can be hard to take time to listen. What does it mean to be attentive to God’s call as we think about our future?Two years ago, we (Laura Dunstan and Zoe) spent a month on CTC’s summer internship in East London. Throughout the the four week internship we spent time thinking about what it means to explore vocation in a new and different way. We were struck by the extent to which this approach to vocation, with a focus on who God has made us to be rather than only on career and money, was lacking in our prior experience of both church and university. After this, we felt called to make space for others to do the same.

Those initial experiences inspired us to set up the Vocation Project. We began holding events where young people could discern what their vocation might be through teaching, prayer and activities. We held events through universities, churches and youth groups, in East London and beyond. At the centre we hoped to ask the question of what it means to lead a life modelled around God’s call.

On the 13th-15th April, the Vocations Project will be co-hosting a weekend of vocational discernment with the Centre for Theology and Community. This will be called the Emerging Leaders weekend. We hope to continue the conversation which we were introduced to during our internship, and we would like to invite more people into that way of thinking about vocation.

The Emerging Leaders weekend will offer a space for young people to think about their calling, to pray and meet others who are on the same journey. Guests will have a chance to learn more about the vocational opportunities available to them and hear from those who have experienced God’s call on their lives. With activities, conversation, reflection and fun, we hope that all will gain a better understanding of who they are and where God is calling them.

During the weekend there will be speakers who will share about how they have heard God calling them. Along with this there will be a chance to have good conversations with attendees and leaders of the weekend, as we find that God often speaks through others.

Over time, we have become more committed to East London and now hope that the weekend will offer an opportunity for those who may feel called to this place to consider their vocation with others who feel similarly. Many of the opportunities we present will be East London based, and there will be information or representatives from the Buxton Leadership Program, the Stepney Intern Scheme, and from lay communities forming in East London. We hope that good prayer and discernment will combine with practical help, encouraging those who hear God’s call to this place to take the next step along their vocational journey.

We really believe that this is a fantastic opportunity, are are excited to share in this journey with you. If you would like to attend, email hello [AT]


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