Unique interfaith event on Scripture & money

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Leading Muslims, Jews and Christians will meet tomorrow to compare the texts of their holy books on money and justice. In a unique event, 150 scholars and community leaders will gather at Methodist Central Hall, Westminster to use the method of ‘scriptural reasoning’ – discussing what their scriptures teach on issues such as the charging of excessive interest on loans and a just wage.

Participants in the event, which forms part of Citizens UK’s 2nd May “Day for Civil Society”, will afterwards join more than 2,000 people in the Hall to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Living Wage campaign.

The Scriptural Reasoning event is being organised in association with the Contextual Theology Centre (CTC) and Cambridge University’s Interfaith Programme.  CTC Director Fr Angus Ritchie said:  “The deeper Christians, Muslims and Jews go within their scriptures, the louder they hear the call to justice and mercy. These texts have incredible power and relevance today. They are the foundation of our action for a more just and compassionate economy.”

Dr Muhammad Bari, Chair of East London Mosque said: “This unique event of reading from the scriptures is a testimony of our common root and shared values. In Islam ‘the best of companions with God is the one who is best to his companions and the best of neighbours to God is the one who is the best of them to his neighbour.”

Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg, Rabbi of New North London Synagogue, said: “In a week when we read from the Torah that you shall love your neighbour as yourself it is especially important to be together among our neighbours of different faiths in London discussing our shared values.”


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