Prayers for Day 7 of Lent

Prayer l

Pray for Hope Alive Church in Warrington, which has partnered with Christians Against Poverty to set up a debt advice centre . There is no other debt advice centre in the area, the nearest being 10 miles away in Widnes.  The new centre is partnering with ‘Stronger Together’ (a group involving council, police, agencies and churches), and is also supported financially by the church congregation. Users of the centre are also supported by other services the church provides, including individual counselling, ex-offenders support groups, addiction recovery courses, parenting courses.

Pray also for CTC’s partner churches in East London – for their debt advice ministries, and for the work they are doing to tackle some of the root causes of debt (such as low pay, high rents and exploitative lending) through their membership of London Citizens – and involvement in its Living Wage, Community Land Trust and Just Money campaigns.


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