Prayers for Day 28 of Lent

Prayer l

Pray for St Aubyn’s Church, Devonport, which is being supported by the Church Urban Fund to establish a pilot work club in the local library for one day a week, working with local community organisations. The parish is the most deprived in Exeter and there is a history of long-term unemployment. Volunteers will be recruited to help, and the aim is to set up other work clubs nearby. 

Pray also for the Near Neighbours programme in East London, which will be the focus of this week’s prayer requests for the Contextual Theology Centre.  Today, please remember its Co-ordinator, Tim Clapton, who works across nine boroughs in London, Southwark and Chelmsford Diocese to encourage projects which bring people of different faiths and cultures into relationship for the first time – or which deepen those relationships.


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