Prayer Diary: Day 40 of Lent

Prayer l

Today we come to the end of our forty daily prayers for the projects of the Church Urban Fund and the Contextual Theology Centre.  In Eastertide, we will be continuing this prayer blog on a weekly basis (beginning on the Sunday after Easter).  We are also continuing our blog of reflections on the Gospel readings for Sundays and Major Feasts.

These prayer blogs grew out of a widespread and growing sense that something is wrong with our common life – that our political, social and economic order needs renewal; that its deficiencies speak of a spiritual as well as a structural malaise, and that the Gospel of Jesus Christ provides both a ‘Call to Change’ and the power and grace to make things different.

Today, we ask you to pray not only for our organisations and their projects, but for a new openness to the renewing work of the Holy Spirit – both in our local communities and in our national life.


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