Prayer Diary: Day 36 of Lent

Prayer l

Pray for St Philip’s Church, Bradford – ministering in an area with a great diversity of faiths.  The Church Urban Fund is supporting St Philip’s as it starts English classes for men who speak other languages, with the aim to build relationships between the church and local men of other faiths and ethnicities.  A pilot scheme has shown there is demand. The church aims to offer a 2 hour class each week, supported by church volunteers, and led by an ESOL qualified tutor. It will work with pre-ESOL learners who cannot access existing education provision, so that they can take first steps towards learning English.

Pray also for the work being done by London Citizens among the Chinese diaspora community: engaging churches and cultural associations in common action with other groups in civil society.  Pray also for the way this work has helped to inspire community organising in Hong Kong – and for the support the Contextual Theology Centre is giving to this process, with plans to launch ‘HK Citizens’ and engage a wide range of churches in this work.


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