Prayer diary: Day 3 of Lent

Prayer l
Please pray for Weston Church Youth Project in Southampton.  This has run at Holy Trinity Church for 19 years – and includes drop-ins, trips, one-to-one support for young people and work in small groups.  The Church Urban Fund is helping it discern the best ways to renew and develop its work for the future.

The Contextual Theology Centre was set up by Christians in London Citizens – the capital’s community organising alliance.  Over the last few months, the alliance’s London 2012 Jobs campaign has secured around 1300 Living Wage jobs for local people at the Olympics.  CTC’s Tom Daggett has blogged on the process before.  On Ash Wednesday, a team of people from our partner churches and other communities in London Citizens were at the Olympic site, both to celebrate this achievement and to explore other ways in which local people could take action to tackle joblessness.  Pray for them as this process moves forward – and for all who live with unemployment.

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