Relating Across Religious Difference is a network of scholars and researchers whose work engages with religious diversity, including relations between people of different religious identities and persuasions, and relations between these plural identities and the public sector.


The network was set up following a conference, ‘Deepening Relationships across Religious Difference’ held in London in October 2015, and hosted by the Centre for Theology and Community and the Religion and Dialogue in Modern Society programme (Academy of World Religions University of Hamburg). The aim of the network is to keep scholars and researchers informed about others working in the field and, through regular postings to those network members, to provide a platform for sharing news (of research developments, events, conferences, reports, publications etc.), for raising and discussing questions related to our themes, for opening up possibilities of research collaboration between network members.

The network enables conversations between a variety of perspectives. It is for academics interested in the field from a range of disciplines (for example, theology, religious studies, history, sociology, human geography) and for those who combine scholarship and research with practical engagement in the area of inter religious relations (or example, in professional training, religious ministery or community work).

If you are would like to apply to join this network please send a brief biography indicating your interest and involvement in the field to Julia Ipgrave –

View the members of the network here.

Catch up with the latest news from the network here.


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