This page contains papers written by friends and colleagues exploring a range of theological issues. The views contained within them are the author’s own. We hope that hosting the Forum, and publishing these documents, will provoke further discussion, and assist local practice.

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Thirty Pieces of Silver: An exploration of corruption, bribary, transparency & justice in the scriptures

Canon Dr Paula Gooder, Bible Society, 2014

The Good Samaritan: Who is my Neighbour?

Revd Stephen Saxby, July 2013

Christ in a Pluralistic World

Capt Nick Coke, March 2013

The Outrageous Hospitality of God: A theology of our church buildings and their use in mission

Revd Rob Wickham, January 2013

What Evangelicals have done to Sin

John Kuhrt, 2006

Food Banks: A discussion paper

Terry Drummond, April 2013

Politics and Immigration: Is there a shift to the Political Right?

Terry Drummond, April 2013

Recovering the Vision: Urban Theology, Mission and Ministry

Terry Drummond, May 2013

Social Action and London Churches: Looking to the Future

Terry Drummond, November 2012

Urban Mission and Theology: A South London Perspective

Terry Drummond, May 2013

Welfare in a Market State: The Challenge of Poverty in a Market Economy

Terry Drummond, February 2013


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