The Just Money campaign is fighting to make financial institutions work for us and our communities. The campaign is being run in partnership with Citizens UK and grows out of the stories and leadership found through Money Talks – small group conversations about people’s real experiences of money and the financial system.

 Through these events we have heard about the impact of payday lending on individuals, families and local high streets. These experiences chime with an increasing body of research showing the industry is far too loosely regulated and is exploiting the most vulnerable in society.

 The campaign has taken action on both a national and a local level.  We have also successfully called for several local councils to ban payday loan adverts from billboards and bus shelters and to write to Mayor of London Boris Johnson asking him to do the same on all London Transport. So far this has been successful in Tower Hamlets, Hackney, Newham and Lambeth.

Now, in the run-up to the 2015 General Election, we are working with Citizens UK to ask for the creation of a Community Finance Foundation. This proposal is extremely exciting and beginning to win a wide range of support from a wide range of groups. Read more about the Community Finance Foundation proposal here.

For further information or if you want to get involved in the Just Money campaign, please contact David Barclay at davidb@theology-centre.org


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